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1.-The picture number one you can see a bank robber who was runningout with a money bag.
   2.-The third one you see a policeman who putted the robber arrest.
3.-The second one you can see the robber and policeman that talked a bout what happaned in the bank.

There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream.

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 In the forest there lived three lions. One day a monkey, a representative elected by the animals, called a meeting to ask for a decision making:

-We all know that the lion is the king of beasts, but a big question in the jungle: there are three lions and three are very strong. Which of them should yield obedience? Which of them should be our king?

The Lions knew about the meeting and commented on each other:

'That's true, the concern of the animals makes sense. A forest can not have three kings. We do not fight each other because we are friends ... We need to know which will be chosen, but how to find out?.

Again the animals gathered and after much deliberation, she was told the three lions's decision:

-We found a simple solution to the problem and decided the three of you will climb the Mountain Hard. Whichever comes first summit will be devoted to our King.

The difficult mountain was the highest of all the jungle. The challenge was accepted and all animals were gathered for the big climb.

The first lion tried to climb and could not reach. The second began with all the enthusiasm, but was also defeated. The third lion and neither could get beaten down.

The animals were eager and curious, if all three were defeated, how would elect a king?

At this point, an eagle, great age and wisdom, took the floor:

- I know who should be king! All the animals fell silent and looked at her expectantly.

- How, asked everyone.

'It's simple ... said the eagle. I was flying very close to them and when they returned defeated in their climb up the mountain hard to hear what each one said to the Mountain.

The first lion said - Mountain, you've won!

The second lion said - Mountain, you've won!
The third lion said - Mountain, I have overcome, for now! But you get to your final size and I'm still growing.

The difference, he completed the eagle, is the third lion had a winning attitude when he felt the defeat at the time, but gave up and who think like you is greater than his problem: he is the king himself, and is ready to be king of the others.

Animals enthusiastically applauded the third lion was crowned King of the Animals.

Moral: Do not have much importance the size of the problems or situations you have. Your problems, at least most of the time, and reached the maximum level, but not you.

You're still growing and are bigger than your problems together.

Not yet reached the limit of your potential and your excellence.

The Mountain of Difficulties has a fixed size, limited. You're still growing!

There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream.

Publicado por : Yuletzi Gonzalez
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Karen  Virginia Blanco Camargo  was shot to death, yesterday morning, according to Venezuelan media reported.

The model for 24 years and former participant in Nuestra Belleza Latina, was with her ​​boyfriend, Hugo Enrique Morales, 42, who also died in the shooting.

The couple was leaving a birthday celebration at a local city of Maracaibo, when he intercepted a car carrying the murderers, who opened fire without words.

Police said Morales tried to evade the gunfire, but was overtaken 10 meters from the vehicle. While Karen White's body was lying closer to the car. Also indicated that witnesses said the murderers attacked first against White and then against her boyfriend. They added that criminals were more than 40 shots.

White had arrived a few days ago to his native Venezuela after his participation in Nuestra Belleza Latina competition that did not enter the group of 12 finalists.

Family and friends say the young victim had received death threats.

There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream.

Publicado por: Yuletzi Gonzalez